About Us

Hello! And welcome to Southern California Cash for Gold Directory.  First off let me introduce myself: my name is Paulie Valentine.  Now that we got that out of the way let me give you a little background history about myself and why I created this site.  I used to buy/sell coins since back in 70’s and even to this day I still do a little trading although I only deal with higher end antique coins now.  During my time trading coins and commodities such as gold and silver I ran into very many unscrupulous merchants who would employ every trick in the book to get more money out of you such as: tipping the scales, swapping out gold, excessively lowballing prices, etc.  I must admit I have been swindled a few times but after a while I was able to catch on to all the tricks and caught a few of them redhanded.

So the main purpose for me creating this site is to show you, the consumer, a filtered list of businesses that you can trust because I have researched each business thoroughly as if I were to buy gold from them myself.  As you can see from my website I do not have any way for businesses to advertise on my site as I mainly run this site to help people out.

If you are a new customer and have never sold any gold before let me walk you through a typical transaction:

  • Customer (you) walks into a store with gold
  • Merchant will run a series a checks (magnetic scan, looking for markings, etc.) to determine if it’s real or fake as well as quality
  • After quality is determined, the merchant will give you a quote for the gold based off the daily market price
  • If you find the offer is fair you can agree to the deal and the merchant will either pay you by check (why do they call it cash for gold then?) or by cash right on the spot

Once the merchant buys the gold from you they will either: 1) Turn around and have your gold melted down and sell it to a refiner or; 2) Resell the gold to another customer or broker.  It is preferable that you work with somebody that plans on reselling jewelry as they have a higher profit margin and they can afford to pay you a higher price for your gold.

So now that you understand the basics of the business let me offer you a few tips when deciding where to sell your gold and how to handle the transaction:

  • Always check with a few different places to make sure you get a competitive rate
  • ASK! – that is, ask for a higher amount.  Don’t be afraid to ask for more cash, the merchant usually has a pretty decent profit margin they are working with so they can afford to pay you a little more.

If you have any questions at all about the process or have any complaints about any cash for gold merchants you have ran into recently let me know and I’ll add them onto my blacklist!

You can e-mail me here:  paulie@cashforgold-directory.com